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Title Search Process and Problems

Title Search Process  

What exactly does the title search process entail?
How does the title search process help you avoid the most common title problems?
Find the answers to those questions right here.

Understanding the Title Search Process

  • First the title company will collect public records (including land records, plat records and court records). The title company, or their third party abstractor who is hired to perform the search on the title company’s behalf, will search by the name of the buyer, the name of owner and prior owners, the street address, lot number, tax identification number, etc.
  • The title company will examine the records they collected and remove any existing title problems, known as “clouds.” These clouds can include, but are not limited to, judgments, HOA or condominium liens and unreleased deeds of trust. If the title company is unable to remove a cloud, the title company will inform the buyer and seller.
  • The information collected as part of the title search allows the title company to certify to the buyer title to the property is clean and also reduces the risk of a future title problem.

Avoiding Title Problems

Common Title Problems 

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