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Pinnacle Title & Escrow

Seller To Do List

The Ultimate Seller's Checklist

As a seller, here are all the things you need to do prior to settlement.

Complete seller information forms.

Advise Pinnacle Title if any of the sellers are out of the area and will require a remote closing or power of attorney. 

Make Pinnacle Title aware of any loans or mortgages related to the property, including home equity loans.

Make Pinnacle Title aware of the proper spelling of the seller’s name.

Make Pinnacle Title aware if any owner of the property is newly married, deceased, divorced or separated.

Notify Pinnacle Title if the title to the property is in a trust and provide us with a copy of the trust agreement.

Notify Pinnacle Title if any of the sellers are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States due to federal withholding requirements for non-citizens/non-permanent residents.

Notify Pinnacle Title of any changes or modifications to the purchase contract.

If applicable, provide a Home Warranty application to Pinnacle Title for inclusion on the settlement statement.

If sale proceeds are to be wired, bring a voided check to the closing to be used as wiring instructions.

Bring a driver’s license and passport/green card to settlement.

Bring a picture of the water meter reading to closing so that buyer can submit Start/Stop Service Form to WSSC.